All work, and no play...

Andros has long been associated with sport, particularly rugby. Working hard, having fun, success through discipline and practice, excellence as a team player.

The work environment is fast, varied and ‘politics‘ free. Communication is uncomplicated, relying on the trust built through professional expertise and a real team player attitude.

If you are highly self-motivated, results driven, confident, want to contribute and relish the success that comes from hard work then here’s what else we look for:

Commercial operations

A major supplier of ambient fruit-based conserves and chilled yoghurts and desserts, commercial operations are based in London, dealing with all major retailers and grocery sectors in the UK. Production facilities are in Somerset.

Why work for Andros UK?

The company has experienced rapid growth, driven by both the preserves and chilled dairy and desserts categories through the success of the Bonne Maman brand and the extensive private label activity.

There are ambitious investment plans for the coming years.